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UFO cloaking technology or plasma based life forms?

Here are photos sent by a photographer living in England. They were taken in North East UK, Cleveland County. The photographer says he took all these photos from his rooftop garden using a Nikon D70 digital SLR with a 450mm telephoto zoom lens + tripod. He also states that he is firmly convinced they all depict the same generalized phenomenon/technology as my photos of the shape shifting UFO, and he thinks that the phenomenon/technology seems to have several apparently different forms of manifestation. One thing that I do find different about his photos and mine is his use of long camera shutter speeds to record the phenomenon from a long distance with long telephoto lens. My photos were taken at a short distance from the object with camera set at automatic landscape setting with a very short camera shutter speed, and only 3x optical telephoto.

He says about his photos:

Through the use of long camera shutter speeds (anything from 1/15 sec to up to 3-4 secs) I have been able to record it’s behavior over time within a single frame, for e.g.. its flight path may be recorded as a luminous convoluted streak and yet within the ‘streak’ structural behavior modification is also recorded.

This is truly mind-blowing stuff and is something I find endlessly fascinating. I have spent countless hours pouring over these images (I have hundreds of them) attempting some kind of analysis. Because of this I am now able to recognize certain distinct characteristics of this phenomenon, although verbalizing them accurately is another matter entirely and can at best be only a loose description limited by existing concepts and terminology.

Sometimes it appears unmistakably similar to your images and other times it takes on a far more defined -yet still bizarre- structure. Other times it almost seems as if it is materializing in and out of our reality which makes me suspect it is possibly some sort of multi-dimensional phenomenon.

Almost exclusively all my photographs were taken with a Nikon D70 digital SLR with a 450mm telephoto zoom lens + tripod and then enlarged and enhanced on the computer. To the naked eye -mine at least- the phenomenon usually (but not always) appears as little more than non-ordinary lights in the sky, but thanks to the wonders of CCD imaging technology I am constantly surprised at how much information my camera actually manages to capture.

I have included a small selection of images for you now and will sort out a more comprehensive collection to follow. If you wish please feel free to publish them on your website as they warrant being seen by more than just myself and a few close friends.

Btw, I have also asked myself that very same question

"Is this a living organism?" and based on analysis of my images I find I am now leaning towards the hypothesis that it may be a highly advanced multi-dimensional organic-machine technology. Unfortunately this is not a hypothesis amenable to any kind of testing -for me at least- and so of course must remain just that.

The photos:

ET in photos of UFO?

Pareidolia (def) –
Misperception of an ambiguous stimulus as something specific (e.g.- seeing Jesus in the burn marks of a tortilla, or the face of Satan in the World Trade Center smoke)
FaceMars clear-facea-outline-small-dscf0291
What are the chances of finding a really good example of Pareidolia in the photos of a UFO you have taken recently. A good example that shows the face of, say, an extraterrestrial green reptilian type creature? Anyone out there familiar with a priori chance calculations care to figure that out?
I originally set up this site to personally have some fun with the strange, and stories about UFOs. At that time, little did I know that I would actually later see a UFO. I believe that the UFO I saw could be a UFO using cloaking technology to cause it to appear as different shapes, a shape-shifting UFO cloaking technology. There is widespread speculation that these shape shifting UFOs could be plasma-based life forms of some sort, even coming from another dimension, or another time. The UFO I saw was quite large – I estimate it at about 50 to 80 feet wide.obama_toast
So, here is more of the weird and strange, it’s something like a finding a picture of Obama in a piece of burnt toast (probably a fake, left) or seeing the face on mars (not a fake, right) taken by the Mars Global Surveyor in 2000 or 2001.While looking at my UFO photos, I noticed a shadowy greenish figure in the middle of the first photo in the gallery below, so I decided to try and enlarge and enhance the shadows, and found the face of an ET, and something next to the ET; possibly the face of a man (top left).
For those of you who will say that I faked the UFO photos, I didn’t. Neither are the facial images faked, I simply enlarged and increased the brightness in those areas of the photos. I will also soon be publishing photos from other sources of this same type of UFO phenomenon. I tried to enlarge this area of the photo a couple different ways to bring out the details, and the results are below.Is There Really No Such Thing As Coincidence? – such as finding the image of a cliché ET hidden in my photo of the UFO?
The photos, and the faces: a case of Pareidolia, or a real ET and his human flying companion?
dscf0291 Faces were found in the middle  of this photo. (closeup:)face-new2-dscf0291 face3a-no-color-outline-dscf0291
Enlarged the above with preserve detail filter, looks a lot like an ET type creature.
Outline showing ETs head, thin neck, and hand with 2 or 3 fingers.
clear-facea-small-dscf0291 clear-facea-outline-small-dscf0291 facea-large-dscf0291
Photos are blurry from magnification, but seem to show the face of a man next to a reptailian ET creature. Faces are outlined above. Above 3 photos have the detail filter removed.
alien1-bw-overexposed--dscf0291 alien1-overexposed--dscf0291

Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.”

The faces at the right were found in the photos also, the first one that looks like a translucent skull was found in another in my series of photos of the UFO, and the second one that looks like the side view of a camel’s head was found in the same photo as the ET (above). dscf0292-face dscf0291-face2

Enhanced photos of the shape-shifting UFO

These are enhanced photos of the “shape-shifting UFO” (seen over Akron, Ohio on Sept. 9 2009) that show much more detail than the original enlargements. Image levels were contrast and color balanced in photoshop, and color saturation increased to show the prismatic lens light effect apparent in the photos of the object. A special enlargement filter was used on the original photos in order to preserve detail.

Although this object could be explained away by some as a large scrap of debris based on these enhanced photos, I still think it has some very odd characteristics. The object’s characteristics also matches reports of other shapeshifting UFOs. The object looks out of this world in these photos, what is it?

I have also included a reduced copy of each original photo next to the zoomed photo to show how much enlargement was needed to zoom in on the object. The copies of the originals were reduced in size to 800×600 pixels to save space here so will not be as clear when enlarged, but do show the object and some other stars in the sky.

Update: Please see my comment on this post, it has a video of the Stevenville Texas shapeshifting UFO in 2008. That sighting and video almost match these photos perfectly.

Click on any photo below to view the image full size in a new window:

Photoshop zoomed close Up Copy of original Photo (zoom in browser)
Shape shifting UFO Shape shifting UFO original
Shape shifting UFO Shape shifting UFO original
Shape shifting UFO Shape shifting UFO original
Shape shifting UFO Shape shifting UFO original
Shape shifting UFO Shape shifting UFO original
Shape shifting UFO Shape shifting UFO original
Shape shifting UFO Shape shifting UFO original
Shape shifting UFO Shape shifting UFO original

Even more about the shapeshifting UFOs

I believe that the UFO I saw and photographed may be a type of “shapeshifting” UFO. Some of the colors and the round “light tubes” seen in my photos seem to match those in the famous Kumburgaz Turkey UFO video shot by Yalcin Yalman. You can read about Yalcin Yalman and his video in this Irish Times article. Also notice that parts of the UFO appear that they may be translucent in my photos. You can see all 8 of my photos and read about how I photographed them here.

Shapeshifting UFO

Shapeshifting UFO


Shapeshifting UFO

Shapeshifting UFO


Shapeshifting UFO

Shapeshifting UFO

In this enhanced video of the Kumburgaz UFO from youtube (enhanced by biotele), the UFO object over Istanbul can be seen “shapeshifting” at 0:40 seconds into the video. Notice that many of the colors are the same as in my photos. Also, in the first part of the video from 0:00 seconds, notice the “light tubes” on each side of the center of the UFO (around where the round “alien sillouettes” appear to be), and notice the “light tubes” that appear in some of my photos.

More on the shape-shifting worm UFO.

More on the Shape-Shifting Worm UFO.

UFOs are strange and unknown objects indeed. Some people explain them away as swamp gas, balloons, space debris, or hoaxes. Others hold fast to the claim that they are alien spacecraft, while some claim them to be top secret military projects.

I don’t know what they are, but after photographing one last week, I know they are real. This was actually the second time I spotted a UFO in the sky. The first time I spotted a UFO, it was while driving. That was about 6 months ago and I didn’t have a camera. This time I did.

The term UFO has become synonomous with alien flying saucers, however the term UFO actually means any type of unidentified flying object.

After I looked at my photos, I found the same type of shape shifting worm UFOs had been captured many times on video by others.

If you look closely at my photos you can see that the body of the object is translucent and also contains orbs, just like similar UFOs spotted in Mexico and elsewhere. Here are some of the youtube videos:


First video of fleet orbs and a sky worm ufo’s

Second Video Emerges of UFO Releasing Spheres over Mexico City 2009

UFO nasa shot of Space Worm


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Shape-Shifting UFO

Shape-Shifting UFO

Northeast Ohio :  Close-up Photos of UFO sighting 09/09/09 8:30-9:30 PM.

Worm-like UFO

I don’t know what this is, but I saw it hovering in the sky behind my house. It hovered in only one spot for at least an hour. It seemed to be appearing and disappearing, or fading in and out of view as I watched it. It was fairly far away, with the naked eye all I could really see were some unusual flickering lights in the sky. Actually it looked like 3 lights in a circle from the ground.

About 10 minutes after I first noticed it, I decided to grab my digital camera. When I enlarged the photos I took it was a real surprise to find these shapes in the photos, each taken a few seconds apart. In these photos it appears to be either changing shape, or moving around. Very strange!

Shape shifting UFO

Shape shifting UFO

Shape shifting UFO

Shape shifting UFO

Shape shifting UFO

Shape shifting UFO

Shape shifting UFO

Shape shifting UFO

Below is one of the original photos with the object circled at 3x optical zoom times the size I actually saw it.

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