Sumo wrestlers lose it – told to diet or else!

Sumo sized citizens told to shape up or ship out!

Japan’s sumo wrestlers are under the gun to trim down to size 33.5″ maximum waist sizes for men, under new government Sumo dietregulations now in effect. Annual waist measurements are now required in Japan, with financial penalties levied on those whose waists exceed the maximum allowed. Loss of jobs and health insurance for the obese sumos are some of the levies mentioned. There are also verified reports that cruel sumo jokes are beginning to surface in Japan.

The average waist size for men in the United States is now a sumo sized 39″. I, for one, am thankful that the sumo tradition is, for the moment, still alive in the States. It makes my own particular waistline configuration look “normal”.

I have read some say that they would wishfully welcome such waist size reduction regulation in the United States, obviously by those people care nothing about the sumo tradition, or because they are thin bitchy rock stars who just don’t eat.

Such waist size regulations would have little effect on Americans. If government unemployment and waistline statistics are to be believed, the United States has had a long tradition of no jobs and health insurance for the vast majority of people whose waistlines exceed 33.5″.

Sumos are now reported to be exiting Japan in large numbers, and heading for other countries where their weighty traditions can be kept alive.


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