NASA UFO tether incident

Compare objectsNASA UFOs appeared on spring 1948 Fate magazine cover!

Did NASA prove the existence of UFOs? The NASA STS-75 “space debris” has been sighted at least once before – in 1947!

The 1996 NASA STS-75 shuttle mission recorded live video of what NASA called “space debris” and Closeup of Notch“ice particles” that look eerily similar to the “Flying Disks” depicted on the cover of a 1948 Fate Magazine – Vol 1 Issue 1, the very first issue of Fate. In fact, the NASA “space debris” in the video and the “flying disks” on the magazine cover are unmistakably and exactly the same odd shape (notice the varying notch sizes in the illustration).

Apparently the illustration on the cover was inspired by the eyewitness report and a drawing of the “Flying Disks” by a pilot. Two of the articles from the 1948 issue are about the “Flying Disks”, and one of them is available at to read online at [direct link].The story is a three page narrative written by the pilot describing his encounter with several “flying disk” objects that he saw flying over Mt. Rainier, Washington in June of 1947. The pilot states that he offered to undergo a complete “mental and physical examination as to my capabilities” in order to verify “the authenticity of my story”.

Camera artifacts, sometimes called airy disks, are often used as an explanation to account for the NASA UFO objects, but what the pilot saw over Mt. Rainier in June of 1947 were not camera artifacts, since he had no camera that day.

Fate magazine was originally founded and published by science fiction writer Ray Palmer, who some call the “father of Flying Saucers”. Ray Palmer used the pen name Robert Webster in his Fate writings.

I can clearly remember seeing this magazine issue when I was younger, so I can verify that the illustration on the cover is the same one that actually appeared in newsstands in 1948.

NASA may want to rethink calling these objects “space trash”, and present a more exacting definition of what the objects are. Maybe something like “we don’t know” or “we can’t or won’t tell you”.

So, what do you think these “flying disk” objects really are?

NASA zoom photo of “space debris” floating around tether
1948 Fate Magazine
1948 Fate magazine cover with the same UFO shapes. Click for larger view

Watch the NASA tether incident video:

The NASA STS-75 mission ran a trial experimental tether that was to be used for towing and placing satellites into orbit. During this experiment they had a problem and the 12 mile long tether snapped due to the synthetic material accumulating a critical charge.

The shuttles cameras monitored the tether and its 100 million dollar satellite it was towing just drift away. This was all video taped live, and what was captured on this video is absolutely incredible. NASA claims the objects in the footage are ice particles very close to the camera and area passing in front of the far away tether.


One thought on “NASA UFO tether incident

  1. I wish I had known about this February 1996 event back then as I was directed to view a UFO over Seattle, WA later in the year and it would have been nice to have had the information at that time.

    In my case, the “star” in the morning sky just sitting there suddenly bolted across the sky faster than anything currently declassified followed shortly thereafter by a loud roar strangely devoid of sonic booms.

    If people understood magnetism, force, and other physics better they might have a better concept of UFOs.

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