Shape-Shifting UFO

Shape-Shifting UFO

Northeast Ohio :  Close-up Photos of UFO sighting 09/09/09 8:30-9:30 PM.

Worm-like UFO

I don’t know what this is, but I saw it hovering in the sky behind my house. It hovered in only one spot for at least an hour. It seemed to be appearing and disappearing, or fading in and out of view as I watched it. It was fairly far away, with the naked eye all I could really see were some unusual flickering lights in the sky. Actually it looked like 3 lights in a circle from the ground.

About 10 minutes after I first noticed it, I decided to grab my digital camera. When I enlarged the photos I took it was a real surprise to find these shapes in the photos, each taken a few seconds apart. In these photos it appears to be either changing shape, or moving around. Very strange!

Shape shifting UFO

Shape shifting UFO

Shape shifting UFO

Shape shifting UFO

Shape shifting UFO

Shape shifting UFO

Shape shifting UFO

Shape shifting UFO

Below is one of the original photos with the object circled at 3x optical zoom times the size I actually saw it.

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15 thoughts on “Shape-Shifting UFO

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    • It is not a camera strap and it sure doesn’t look like a plane to me. Planes cannot hover in one spot in the sky for nearly an hour. There is no trickery involved in these photos, I did not expect to find these shapes in the photos when I enlarged them from the originals.

      Look at the bottom photo, it is the original of the first photo I took. Zoom in on that tiny spot I circled and you will see the object. It won’t be as clear because that photo is compressed to save space on the web. My camera was set at 1/2 resolution, the original photos are about 700mb each. Too bad it was not set at full resolution because the photos would have been much better.

      I plan to post the other original photos because you can see stars in the sky in a couple of them, and you can zoom them for yourself.

  2. Good catch! More and more of us are finding out the truth for ourselves! Why wait for Disclosure….the people will disclose by sharing stories and photos like you have. Thanks!

  3. It’s about time someone in Akron looked up. I live in the City of Green and have had several sightings. I have photos, of course, they are very small dots, but I know what I saw. Also I have videos of ufos. If you try to zoom in too close, usually they are blurred as if they are spinning or morphing. We should form a ufo club in Akron, why should Columbus have all the fun. Kudos for catching these strangers in the sky.

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  6. I saw very similar lights only much smaller scale in my bedroom after waking up in the middle of the night feeling watched. They were about 1-2 ft. in diameter and shifting just as in your pics, hovering about 4 feet over my side of the bed by my head. Once I opened my eyes and looked at it, the light zipped off into my closet and was gone. I did not have a fearful feeling at the time only one of being watched. This was in my home in Thornville, OH. I have also had other experiences and have filed a report w/MUFON re:one of them.

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  8. I saw a similar shape-changing ufo on broad daylight near the center of Sâo Paulo on July 7th 2011 4pm, starting at some 500 – 1000 meters above me, for 15 minutes on a sunny, cloudless day.

    That thing is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen, but the pictures that I took of it make no justice to it.

    It looked like a diamond/glass/metallic necklace with a couple of pleasant blue and red pulsing lights attached, plus an aura surrounding it, constantly changing shapes and going between invisible/visible states.

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