More on the shape-shifting worm UFO.

More on the Shape-Shifting Worm UFO.

UFOs are strange and unknown objects indeed. Some people explain them away as swamp gas, balloons, space debris, or hoaxes. Others hold fast to the claim that they are alien spacecraft, while some claim them to be top secret military projects.

I don’t know what they are, but after photographing one last week, I know they are real. This was actually the second time I spotted a UFO in the sky. The first time I spotted a UFO, it was while driving. That was about 6 months ago and I didn’t have a camera. This time I did.

The term UFO has become synonomous with alien flying saucers, however the term UFO actually means any type of unidentified flying object.

After I looked at my photos, I found the same type of shape shifting worm UFOs had been captured many times on video by others.

If you look closely at my photos you can see that the body of the object is translucent and also contains orbs, just like similar UFOs spotted in Mexico and elsewhere. Here are some of the youtube videos:


First video of fleet orbs and a sky worm ufo’s

Second Video Emerges of UFO Releasing Spheres over Mexico City 2009

UFO nasa shot of Space Worm


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