Enhanced photos of the shape-shifting UFO

These are enhanced photos of the “shape-shifting UFO” (seen over Akron, Ohio on Sept. 9 2009) that show much more detail than the original enlargements. Image levels were contrast and color balanced in photoshop, and color saturation increased to show the prismatic lens light effect apparent in the photos of the object. A special enlargement filter was used on the original photos in order to preserve detail.

Although this object could be explained away by some as a large scrap of debris based on these enhanced photos, I still think it has some very odd characteristics. The object’s characteristics also matches reports of other shapeshifting UFOs. The object looks out of this world in these photos, what is it?

I have also included a reduced copy of each original photo next to the zoomed photo to show how much enlargement was needed to zoom in on the object. The copies of the originals were reduced in size to 800×600 pixels to save space here so will not be as clear when enlarged, but do show the object and some other stars in the sky.

Update: Please see my comment on this post, it has a video of the Stevenville Texas shapeshifting UFO in 2008. That sighting and video almost match these photos perfectly.

Click on any photo below to view the image full size in a new window:

Photoshop zoomed close Up Copy of original Photo (zoom in browser)
Shape shifting UFO Shape shifting UFO original
Shape shifting UFO Shape shifting UFO original
Shape shifting UFO Shape shifting UFO original
Shape shifting UFO Shape shifting UFO original
Shape shifting UFO Shape shifting UFO original
Shape shifting UFO Shape shifting UFO original
Shape shifting UFO Shape shifting UFO original
Shape shifting UFO Shape shifting UFO original

8 thoughts on “Enhanced photos of the shape-shifting UFO

  1. Thanks to a tip from a commenter about the Stephenville UFO I found this one. This youtube UFO video, taken by David Caron in Stephenville Texas, seems to show the same type of object that I photographed as a series of stills in Akron, Ohio. I took my photos about 5 seconds apart. From the ground with the naked eye, the object I saw appeared to be “twinkling”, and “fading” in and out. You can hear aircraft in the Caron video, and it was reported that some aircraft were attempting to chase the object in Stephenville. When I saw the UFO in Akron, it was completely silent, no aircraft around at all.

    At about 1:40 seconds into the video, the UFO starts to rapidly shapeshift, producing, in effect, what appear to be a series of symbols and images:

  2. These are digital artifacts of a prosaic lighted object, such as a planet in the night sky, caused by extreme telephoto closeup combined with the natural camera shake caused by not using a stand-alone tripod.

    As such, both these photos (digital still frames edited blowups), and the similar looking ones from Stephenville (where I do think some very odd UFO may have been observed), plus the Kumburgaz UFO video all represent either prosaic astronomical objects, or in the case of Kumburgaz, a hoax (and a rather amateurish one, to boot).

    Sorry, no unidentified flying cigar for you!

    • Thanks for the theory, but I don’t believe that my photos are artifacts caused by either extreme telephoto closeup or natural camera shake.

      The camera itself was set at only 3x optical zoom (the max for that camera) and no digital zoom, and then the photos themselves were zoomed in on in photoshop in order to get a close-up of the object. You can also observe a couple other stars in the full image original photos that do not show any photographic artifacts. I could also see a large definite object that night with the naked eye, but couldn’t make out the details until I zoomed the photos in photoshop (I usually wear glasses but didn’t have them on that night). Also, the object flew into my view coming from the south to the east and then stopped. I thought it was an airplane at first until it stopped.

      As far as debunking it, based on these photos and my seeing it live, I would probably call it debris of some kind, but I still think it exhibits some odd characteristics in the photos.

      • ‘Observer’ is completely wrong in his/her assesment. These are most definitely not prosaic objects and nor are they artifacts caused by telephoto closeup or natural camera shake. I know because I have photographed the very same phenomenon many many times over the past 2 years (btw I ALWAYS use a tripod and remote shutter release to obviate any camera shake) and have examples that are almost identical to these (as well as many other eg’s showing different and astonishing facets of this phenomenon. I can categorically assure that this is very real – whatever it is – and seems to be an intelligent plasma-based or plasma-related phenomenon.

      • HandyBendy, one of the questions I asked myself after witnessing this event was “Is this a living organism?”. The movements I could see in person were not jerky as they are in the Stephenville video, but a fluid morphing. The object I saw was a very large object, but the plasma-based theory would validate the story that another poster, Alysia, wrote here in the Shape-shifting UFO thread. She stated that she saw a small object like this in her bedroom!

        If you examine the original photos (in the right column) carefully by zooming in your browser, you can see a definate object and it is definitely not the result of any camera related artifacts as Observer asserts.

        I would love to see some of your photos HandyBendy, do you have them available online anywhere?

  3. No, I’m sorry they are not currently available online, but if you could supply me with an email addr I would be happy to sort out some examples to send to you.

    • HandyBendy, I’ve added my contact email for Freshnuts at the bottom of the right-hand column on this site (as an image to prevent spam-harvesting of my address).

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