ET in photos of UFO?

Pareidolia (def) –
Misperception of an ambiguous stimulus as something specific (e.g.- seeing Jesus in the burn marks of a tortilla, or the face of Satan in the World Trade Center smoke)
FaceMars clear-facea-outline-small-dscf0291
What are the chances of finding a really good example of Pareidolia in the photos of a UFO you have taken recently. A good example that shows the face of, say, an extraterrestrial green reptilian type creature? Anyone out there familiar with a priori chance calculations care to figure that out?
I originally set up this site to personally have some fun with the strange, and stories about UFOs. At that time, little did I know that I would actually later see a UFO. I believe that the UFO I saw could be a UFO using cloaking technology to cause it to appear as different shapes, a shape-shifting UFO cloaking technology. There is widespread speculation that these shape shifting UFOs could be plasma-based life forms of some sort, even coming from another dimension, or another time. The UFO I saw was quite large – I estimate it at about 50 to 80 feet wide.obama_toast
So, here is more of the weird and strange, it’s something like a finding a picture of Obama in a piece of burnt toast (probably a fake, left) or seeing the face on mars (not a fake, right) taken by the Mars Global Surveyor in 2000 or 2001.While looking at my UFO photos, I noticed a shadowy greenish figure in the middle of the first photo in the gallery below, so I decided to try and enlarge and enhance the shadows, and found the face of an ET, and something next to the ET; possibly the face of a man (top left).
For those of you who will say that I faked the UFO photos, I didn’t. Neither are the facial images faked, I simply enlarged and increased the brightness in those areas of the photos. I will also soon be publishing photos from other sources of this same type of UFO phenomenon. I tried to enlarge this area of the photo a couple different ways to bring out the details, and the results are below.Is There Really No Such Thing As Coincidence? – such as finding the image of a cliché ET hidden in my photo of the UFO?
The photos, and the faces: a case of Pareidolia, or a real ET and his human flying companion?
dscf0291 Faces were found in the middle  of this photo. (closeup:)face-new2-dscf0291 face3a-no-color-outline-dscf0291
Enlarged the above with preserve detail filter, looks a lot like an ET type creature.
Outline showing ETs head, thin neck, and hand with 2 or 3 fingers.
clear-facea-small-dscf0291 clear-facea-outline-small-dscf0291 facea-large-dscf0291
Photos are blurry from magnification, but seem to show the face of a man next to a reptailian ET creature. Faces are outlined above. Above 3 photos have the detail filter removed.
alien1-bw-overexposed--dscf0291 alien1-overexposed--dscf0291

Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.”

The faces at the right were found in the photos also, the first one that looks like a translucent skull was found in another in my series of photos of the UFO, and the second one that looks like the side view of a camel’s head was found in the same photo as the ET (above). dscf0292-face dscf0291-face2

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