UFO cloaking technology or plasma based life forms?

Here are photos sent by a photographer living in England. They were taken in North East UK, Cleveland County. The photographer says he took all these photos from his rooftop garden using a Nikon D70 digital SLR with a 450mm telephoto zoom lens + tripod. He also states that he is firmly convinced they all depict the same generalized phenomenon/technology as my photos of the shape shifting UFO, and he thinks that the phenomenon/technology seems to have several apparently different forms of manifestation. One thing that I do find different about his photos and mine is his use of long camera shutter speeds to record the phenomenon from a long distance with long telephoto lens. My photos were taken at a short distance from the object with camera set at automatic landscape setting with a very short camera shutter speed, and only 3x optical telephoto.

He says about his photos:

Through the use of long camera shutter speeds (anything from 1/15 sec to up to 3-4 secs) I have been able to record it’s behavior over time within a single frame, for e.g.. its flight path may be recorded as a luminous convoluted streak and yet within the ‘streak’ structural behavior modification is also recorded.

This is truly mind-blowing stuff and is something I find endlessly fascinating. I have spent countless hours pouring over these images (I have hundreds of them) attempting some kind of analysis. Because of this I am now able to recognize certain distinct characteristics of this phenomenon, although verbalizing them accurately is another matter entirely and can at best be only a loose description limited by existing concepts and terminology.

Sometimes it appears unmistakably similar to your images and other times it takes on a far more defined -yet still bizarre- structure. Other times it almost seems as if it is materializing in and out of our reality which makes me suspect it is possibly some sort of multi-dimensional phenomenon.

Almost exclusively all my photographs were taken with a Nikon D70 digital SLR with a 450mm telephoto zoom lens + tripod and then enlarged and enhanced on the computer. To the naked eye -mine at least- the phenomenon usually (but not always) appears as little more than non-ordinary lights in the sky, but thanks to the wonders of CCD imaging technology I am constantly surprised at how much information my camera actually manages to capture.

I have included a small selection of images for you now and will sort out a more comprehensive collection to follow. If you wish please feel free to publish them on your website as they warrant being seen by more than just myself and a few close friends.

Btw, I have also asked myself that very same question

"Is this a living organism?" and based on analysis of my images I find I am now leaning towards the hypothesis that it may be a highly advanced multi-dimensional organic-machine technology. Unfortunately this is not a hypothesis amenable to any kind of testing -for me at least- and so of course must remain just that.

The photos: